Floor Model in Bangalore

Floor Model in Bangalore

We uses unique high quality gradient floor drying model which is effective in saving time by providing provision for more number of clothes at a reasonably less space consumption, so in one word to say accommodation of more garments in less space.

Features :

⦁ Flexible angle adjustment
⦁ Huge loading
⦁ Extend freely
⦁ Appliance both indoor and outdoor
⦁ Convenient and Beautiful

Functions :

⦁ The rack is made of stainless steel which can adjust the angle flexible.
⦁ The material which has a huge loading so you can air basks in many things
⦁ It can extend freely and dry a lot of cloth, quilt and towel.
⦁ You can place it indoor or outdoor and fold into a small piece when it is not working.
⦁ Its Convenient, Beautiful and Economy
⦁ Can be process as you request.

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