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Simra Enterprise clotheslines ceiling mounted dryers fulfils comprehensive & convenient way of hanging your clothes in spaces that do not have floor space. Simra Enterprise cloth hanger are made of stainless-steel pipes, which prevents rusting or oxidation unlike in iron, thus giving it strength and durability To make our product more reliable we are now offering 1 years warranty and replacement guarantee.

We believe that selling products is not enough in our business, we provide maintenance free pulley system. Simra Enterprise takes care of every segment from packaging, distribution and installation of our clothes hangers to our valued customers in Bangalore.

Simra Enterprise is best ceiling cloth hanger online supplier in Bangalore, best Dealerships & distributor network to provide installation in-time of cloth drying ceiling hanger in Bangalore/ceiling cloth hanger in Bangalore. Available Size & Price in Ceiling Clothes Drying Hangers/Ceiling Hanger.

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